Dear Parents,

Because of the wonderful job everyone - children, families & staff - has done since we opened in October, we have had a beautiful opening to our 2020-21 school year! Thank you for all of the ways you have helped, wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, keeping your child home with the sniffles, donations of supplies… and the list goes on! Though here at Preschool we have had a couple of people who have needed to quarantine due to exposure, overall we have remained healthy due to your diligence in following the safety protocols.

Unfortunately, the number of cases in Allegheny County have been increasing and the circle of those effected seems to be getting closer and closer. We have been in prayer about this and what our response needs to be in order to keep others safe and to be a part of the solution. Because of this, along with the new county and state advisories, we have chosen to move to our Plan C - Virtual Instruction Model. We will begin virtual instruction on Monday, November 30, 2020 and will remain in this model at least until our Christmas Break. How we return to instruction on Monday, January 4, 2021 will be dependent on the circumstances at that time. Tuition figures will also change according to the logistics of Plan C. (Please see the attached “Plan C Tuition Rates” page.)

In making this decision, we are truly saddened… our first choice would be to maintain the learning and laughter within our classrooms. We are also disappointed in that we will not be able to celebrate Christmas in our regular ways with the children. We still want the the birth of our savior to be our main focus over these coming weeks, so during our virtual lessons, we will share the Christmas story using our Fontanini figures, we will create nativity art projects, and of course it wouldn’t be this special season without singing. (Please remember, we are preschool teachers, not trained operatic virtuosos!) Also, instead of using our computers on December 17 and 18, we invite you to experience our staff’s version of our Christmas Program with a drive through live nativity! (More details will be coming!)

We ask for your understanding as we move to virtual instruction. There may be glitches and bumps, but we will make every attempt to make this work. (Please remember, we are preschool teachers, not IT specialists!) For more information about Zooming with your preschooler, please see the attached “Helpful Tips for Zooming with Preschoolers” page.)

We realize this change could cause an inconvenience for some, and we apologize. Please understand we have not made it lightly, but rather with careful consideration of the current situation as well as discernment through prayer.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Thank you for the privilege of working with your child!


Kristin, Carolyn & Eileen





Dates in a nutshell…

November 23 (Mon) No School - Staff Worksho

November 24 (Tues) No School - Drive thru Packet Pick up

November  25-29 No School - Thanksgiving

November 30 (Mon) Start Virtual Instruction (3 & 5 Day)

December 17 & 18 Drive Thru Live Nativity

December 21- Jan 4 No School Christmas Break

January 5 (Mon) School Resumes

  December 2020  
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