Director's Message (Mid-February 21)

Dear Parents,

How wonderful it is to be back in the classrooms with the children! Friendships are blossoming as conversation, laughter, play, and sharing abound! Most have quickly settled back into the familiar routine of school (or are quickly catching on as is the case with our newest January Start students). After so much topsy-turvy stuff in our lives, this little bit of normalcy is fostering feelings of positivity, contentment, and joy, not only for the children but also for our staff! We pray that you are experiencing this at home as well.

We recognize, though, that even with our return to school, we are all still dealing with continued constraints due not only to the virus but also to the wintery weather we have been experiencing. You and your child may be feeling a little cooped up and worn out. Please put down the TV remote and the video game controller and together try a few of the following activities…

  1. Read, read, read…everyday! Make it a special time when you and your child can relax, snuggle and enjoy a good story! Use lots of expression, different voices and even sound effects when appropriate.
  2. Sing nursery rhymes and finger plays to introduce an awareness of speech sounds and patterns.
  3. Encourage your child to tell you a story. Write it down and ask them to illustrate it.
  4. Before you go to the grocery store write a shopping list together. Have your child cross the items off the list after you put them in the cart.
  5. Create an obstacle course in your home. Use your big muscles while you practice prepositions as you go under the table, over the ottoman, across the bed, up the stairs, through the pile of pillows, around the couch…
  6. Take a bath in the middle of the day… Test things to see if they will sink or float or practice letter writing in shaving cream on the wall.
  7. Get cooking! Bake something yummy and practice measuring; make a soup or salad and practice chopping vegetables (plastic knives are great for this!) Talk about the order you need follow as you complete the recipe.
  8. Organize a closet …take everything out, sort according to color or type (long sleeve vs. short sleeve; or cold weather clothes vs. warm weather clothes; dressy clothes vs. play clothes). Put everything back in keeping it in these groups.
  9. Money matters! Sort coins into piles of pennies, nickels, dimes & quarters, talk about what each one is worth. Set up a pretend toy store, where one of you is the shopper and the other the sales clerk, use the coins to make your purchases.
  10. Crank up the music and have a dance party – a little silliness and exercise go a long way to brightening a day!
  11. Go on a scavenger hunt… can your child find something in your home that is a certain shape (i.e. find something that is a circle, another that is a square, and another that is a triangle); color (i.e. find something that is red, another that is green, and another that is purple); or even begins with specific alphabet letters (i.e. find something that starts with each letter in your name).
  12. Create a zoo…have your child create enclosures for their stuffed animals, make signs for each, and sell tickets for you to visit the zoo.

It only takes a little creativity to ignite an imagination and turn a dull day into one full of excitement and activity…no screen needed!

Another of our favorite activities this time of year is playing I Spy Signs of Spring! Each day look outside and notice how God’s creation is changing…is winter fading away? Is spring around the corner? How can you tell? One thing we know for certain, is that even though this has been a year full of change (and not just between the seasons!) there is one thing constant and true, that we can always count on… our Heavenly Father… and for that we are most thankful!

With gratitude for you, your child, and our Lord,


Kristin, Carolyn & Eileen

  March 2021  
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