Dear Friends,

We hope this finds you having lots of fun while learning and growing in new ways! Summer is a wonderful time to explore God’s creation… from your own backyard, to the park, the pool, or even the beach… adventure awaits! Where is that trail of ants going? What do ladybugs eat? Why do fireflies light up? I wonder where that airplane is going? How many stars are in the
sky? Oh, there is so much to think about!

At Preschool we are busy getting things ready for the start of our new school year! Prayer, planning, washing, cleaning, disinfecting, ordering, organizing and on and on it goes! Included in this list are the preparations we are doing in regards to reopening in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Listed below are some of the details of our plan. This plan is based on advice and guidance from the CDC, Allegheny Health Department, physicians, emergency management personnel, law enforcement, and NAEYC. Our goal is to make our school as safe as possible while still maintaining the high level of age appropriate education for early learners we are known for. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. We are anxiously awaiting the day when our classrooms are once again filled with the sounds of children!

Kristin Coco
Carolyn Hervey
Eileen Hughes

Plan for Reopening

1. Clean & Disinfect Building
- daily clean & disinfect surfaces & toys, multiple times
- remove any soft toys or launder after 1 use
- no sharing of toys between rooms until disinfected
- have a bin for toys that are put in mouths, etc to take out of circulation until cleaned
- disinfectant wipes and spray available in each room
- limited sharing of materials within a classroom

2. Health & Hygiene
- new hand sanitizing stations will be accessible
- encourage catching coughs, sneezes & proper hand washing
- staff will wear masks and/or face shields as much as possible except when doing so would infringe on developmentally appropriate instruction
- staff & students are encouraged to stay home when ill
- if a child or staff becomes ill while at school while they will be separated from group and sent home
- a separate area will be designated for the child to wait with adult when ill
- it is recommended that any child or staff with health concerns should consult with their physician regarding the risks of participating in the Preschool program
- children can return to school after 72 hours with no fever an improvement in respiratory symptoms, and there have been 10 days since onset the symptoms, consistent with COVID-19 (fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea), first appeared
- if a child or staff is diagnosed with COVID-19, the Preschool must be informed so that Allegheny Health Department contact tracing protocols can be followed
- if one positive case of COVID 19 is diagnosed among staff or children, Preschool will close for 14 days.
- if a child or staff’s family member tests positive for COVID 19, that child or staff will stay home for 14 days

3. Arrival
- Spots are marked outside on pavement for social distancing (or parents are encouraged to stay next to car)
- Masks are worn by all adults
- Children are greeted outside using only 1 door
- A child’s temperature is taken as they enter using Infrared (no touch) thermometer. If a child has a fever of 100.4 degrees F or above they will be sent home.
- Soles of shoes would be sanitized
- Sanitizing Pads - child walks across mat in lobby
- Encourage only closed shoes be worn (i.e. no sandals, flip-flops)
- Hand washing station used upon entering
- Personal items child is bringing to school with them (hats, gloves, book bag…) will be limited
- Preschool will provide snack until further notice

4. Social Distancing Practice
- Visitors will be limited- no classroom volunteers
- Only support personnel allowed, but must wear a mask
- Children stay primarily in main classroom
- Specials schedule adjusted to accommodate extra cleaning time
- Keep children’s personal items separated
- Only 1 class of children in the hall at a time
- Lunch Bunch will not stat until January, if at all

5. Beginning of School: Open House & Orientation
- Instead of Wed., Sept 2, being 1/2 workshop and 1/2 Open House, it will be a full workshop day to provide time for preparation of materials. (Fall Open House will not be held).
- On Thursday and Friday (Sept 3 & 4), each child and parent are given a time (either sign up or assign) to come in, see the room, meet the teacher… (wear masks)
- Parent Meetings are done through Zoom by age level or class, Wednesday evening and Thursday evening.
- Tuesday & Wednesday (Sept 8 & 9) remain the first regular days, but only children enter the building and we follow the reopening protocols.

6. Mom & Me Classes
- Only 1 adult will accompany each child
- all adults will wear masks.
- it is encouraged that whenever possible, the same adult attends each week
- the temperatures of both the child and accompanying adult will be taken upon arrival. If either has a fever, they will not be able to attend.

7. Special Events (Possible scenarios are listed below. Any changes to our special events would be made to maintain the integrity of the experience for the children while having necessary safe guards in place. The details would be determined based on each specific events logistics. These details would be communicated to families in a timely manner.)
- Parent Meetings - Zoom
- Costume/Pumpkin Day - have parade outside with adults in COVID-19 masks, only children enter building to finish school day & decorate a pumpkin
- T shirt Day - done with only fabric crayons in the classroom without parents
- Christmas & End of Year Programs - live stream

8. Curricula
- Curriculum is being revised to include age appropriate lessons that emphasize staying healthy, social distancing, proper hand washing protocols, & the wearing of masks.

9. In Case of Necessary Closure
- create a contingency plan that takes into account the timing & possible duration of the closure
- if possible have enough materials prepared to create packets for children to take home and hold virtual classes
- parents are asked to purchase crayons, markers, scissors, and glue to have on hand at home
- if a closure is necessary, considerations for the amount of tuition due, will be determined

10. Communication
- plan will be communicated with Board, Staff, Families, and Church
- REMIND app & website will be used to aid in dispensing information

  July 2020  
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