June 2021

Dear Friends,

We made it!!! Praise God!!! For it is because of and through His grace that we were able to navigate the craziness of this past year; to continue to provide a meaningful, appropriate, and safe educational environment; and to learn and grow together in many ways. How blessed we are to have had the opportunity to share this past school year with all of the children and their families.

This year was unique, not only because of the pandemic, but also because Carolyn Hervey, the Founder and Director of Elfinwild Preschool for the last 40 years has retired. Former students may remember her love of Eric Carle books, her dramatic flair for story telling, her encouragement of creativity, doing and trying and, of course, her warm and welcoming smile. She will be missed! We wish her well and can't wait to see what God has planned for this next chapter in her life. If you would like to send a note of congratulations or share a fond memory, please send them to Preschool and we will pass them on to her.

Our prayers go with Mrs. Hervey as well as with those children moving on to kindergarten and we look forward to seeing those who will be returning to us or joining our Elfinwild family for the first time next fall! May this summer be full of fun, memory-making experiences - don't forget to blow some bubbles and catch some lightning bugs!

To God be the glory!

Kristin & Eileen

  June 2021  
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