Dear Families,

God is good!

We are so excited that preschool is starting! Please make note of all of the happenings in these first couple of weeks as we get the year underway.

• Parent Zoom Meetings will be October 7, 8, & 9, according to your child’s class. This
information was included with your welcome letter. During these meetings, we will go over the
materials in the envelope you picked up on October 2nd, as well as provide some information
about curriculum and an opportunity to answer any of your questions.

• 10 Minute Meet & Greets will be held October 12 & 13. Your scheduled time was included in
the welcome letter. When you arrive, please wear a mask and enter through the doors we use
for arrival, drop any forms being returned into the appropriate baskets and proceed to your
child’s classroom when it is EXACTLY your scheduled time. After visiting the classroom,
please exit using the north stairway and out the red doors onto the porch at the top of the
parking lot. We are going to try to stick to a tight schedule and enter through 1 door and leave
through the other to promote social distancing and follow safety protocols. If you would like to
visit with another family, please do so outside.

• October 15 & 16 will be our first regular days. We will open the doors at 8:45 (for morning)
and 12:30 (for afternoon). Please maintain social distancing if waiting. Please stay with your
child until after their temperature is taken and they are ready to enter. (If a child is running a
fever, they will return home with you.) Remember, a quick “Goodbye. See you soon. I love
you!” is best.

• October 29 & 30 will be our Pumpkin Days when we celebrate this beautiful season of Fall that
God made! Children can arrive in costume. We invite you (weather permitting) to stay for a 1/2
hour or so to see our parade outside. The children will then reenter the building and continue a
fun day that will include decorating a pumpkin. Please do NOT leave the parking lot until the
entire parade is over and the children are back in the building. Parking may be a challenge, so
you might need to use the near by side streets. We ask that you please be respectful of our

If you have any questions, please reach out. We realize with the delay in opening and the change
in the days the children are attending, it can be hard to keep everything straight. We are here for
you and with you!

It will be wonderful to have children back in our classrooms! We are looking forward to seeing
all of their smiles (or tears!) as our 2020-21 school year begins!

Kristin, Carolyn & Eileen