What is an appropriate snack to bring to school?

Snack time is a very important time of the school day. It brings about an awareness of good nutrition, helps develop good table manners and social skills, as well as provides a great opportunity for socialization with classmates as well as the teachers.


Each child will have many opportunities to bring the snack in during the school year (you will be given a schedule at the beginning of the year by your child's teacher). It is important to make them a part of this ritual. Helping cut up fruit or picking out their favorite cracker at the store is a great way for you to help encourage healthy snack choices in your child.


To drink, water is always served. Milk or juice can be sent in, but is not necessary.


Please refer to the Snack Suggestion form given to you at the beginning of the year with your snack days for a more thorough list of suggestions. Here is a brief list of appropriate healthy snack choices for school.

                    Cut-up fresh fruit                              Pretzels

          Dried fruit                                         Crackers

          Vegetables                                        Pudding

          Yogurt                                              Jell-O

          Non-sugar Cereals                             Cheese

          Granola Bars                                     Mini-bagels

          Mini-muffins                                     Vanilla Wafers


          “Sweet treats” like cookies, ice cream, & popsicles should be reserved for birthdays

Remember that we maintain a NUT free environment. Please check the labels.


  July 2021