What is your policy in bad weather or emergency?

For the most part, we follow Shaler Area School District and Hampton Township School District’s cancellation policies. If they close, we will also. If they have a 2 hour delay, we may close or we may have a 10 o’clock start. If we have a 10 o’clock start, the morning children arrive at 10:00 am and dismissal is at noon. The afternoon children would arrive at 1:00 pm and dismiss at regular time. There are times, due to the circumstances of a storm, that we do not follow the school districts exactly. If it is necessary to deviate from our regular schedule, the information will be posted on KDKA, WPXI, as an alert on our website (www.elfiwildchurch.org/preschool), and on twitter. You will also receive a call or text (depending on how you chose to be alerted) from your child’s teacher. 

  June 2021