Elfnwild Church Preschool is blessed with a Christian staff that is nurturing and caring. Our teachers feel called to be in the classroom sharing their love of Christ while promoting the growth of each child. It is by the example of these educators the children experience love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and gentleness.

Ministry Team
    Director        Kristin Coco
    Director        Eileen Hughes


Teaching Staff  

Michela Barbarino

Kelli Benedict

Kathy Bishop

Patti Coholich

Marie Doerge (music)

Natalie Dohn

Jackie Donovan

Sharon Griffin

Lyndsie Kroll

Nicole Laing

Van Lesnett

Michelle Massucci

Nancy Nogacek

Lisa Pierce

Nicole Powell

Shannon Rau

Holly Sheridan

Christine Spiker

Trish Zottola


Carolyn Hervey, Director Emerita



Lead Teachers by Classroom

2 Day AM

Orange         3 year old (Jan. start)  Sharon Griffin

Red              3 year old               Shannon Rau

Blue              3 year old              Eileen Hughes

Green            4 year old              Christine Spiker

2 Day PM

Red               3 year old              Shannon Rau

3 Day AM

Red              3 year old               Shannon Rau

Blue              4 year old              Eileen Hughes 

Green           4 year old              Christine Spiker

Orange          4 year old             Sharon Griffin

Yellow           5 year old              Van Lesnett

Purple               5 year old                    Kathy Bishop

3 Day PM

Red              3 year old               Shannon Rau

Blue              4 year old               Eileen Hughes

Green           4 year old               Christine Spiker

5 Day AM    

Monkey           5 year old              Kristin Coco

3/5 Day PM    

Monkey           5 year old              Kristin Coco


Mom & Me Fall

Wed., Thurs., Fri.                        Sharon Griffin (W, Th, F)

                                                 Patti Coholich (W, Th)

                                                 Holly Sheridan (F)

Mom & Me Spring                                                                                                                          

Wed., Thurs, Fri.                         Sharon Griffin (W, F)

                                                      Patti Coholich (W, Th)

                                                 Trish Zotolla (Th)

                                                 Holly Sheridan (F)


AM                                            Van Lesnett, Kathy Bishop & Michelle Massucci

PM                                            Van Lesnett & Kathy Bishop

Gym                                         Christine Spiker - coordinator

Music                                       Marie Doerge 


Office Manager                        

Classroom Support                  Michelle Massucci (3AM - M, W, F)


                                                 Kelli Benedict (AM & PM - W)

Substitutes                              Bethany DeMore


  July 2021